The BOSS mission in it's simplest terms has been to help others. While bringing a wealth of process management and performance consulting experience to businesses in general, the business of senior health care was selected as a target where BOSS could fulfill it's social purpose. This is a growing area of need for improved processes that result in better decisions for seniors and their families who are or will face numerous life transitions. These transitions can be optimized following a structured process and utilizing an expert network of resources.

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 Transition services from BOSS is really a personal coaching service as opposed to a business service. However, decisions made under urgent conditions and without ample time to wade through the mountains of information can easily result in sub-optimal decisions. The impact on the welfare of one's personal life can be as serious as those decisions any business owner ever made for the welfare of a business. BOSS will provide a structured process to support these critical decisions. A complimentary assessment is available. In the final analysis, the decisions are still yours to make; but more optimally.

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Senior care is challenging and costly. But cost must also be measured against it's high value. The business of senior health care has as many opportunities as any other business to improve through better process management. Business improvements can be achieved in customer satisfaction, total quality management, cost of operation, administrative execution, and non-clinical services delivery. Let BOSS Consulting help your community improve it's business results and enhance the quality of life of your residents.

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